Add Uprise To Your Existing EAP

Uprise for prevention | Your EAP FOR CRisis & Complex


Key stakeholder meeting to explain Uprise to senior and team leaders (20 mins via tele- or video-conference or we provide you with a deck to explain Uprise yourself)

Uprise provides you with all the collateral and comms you need to launch (email templates, explainer videos, gifs, testimonials, printable cards and flyers)


Launch presentation (20 mins via tele- or video-conference, or in-person where possible) to explain how all employees will go through a few periods of high stress this year and how learning the Uprise toolkit before stress hits will help.

Employees sign up via a unique link or a CODE provided in the Uprise launch collateral.

Week 1

Employees login via using their code or download our app.

Week 1 covers Mindset skills to manage thinking styles taught by 4-minute video plus interactive exercises.

Employees choose a coach (chat, email or phone) and the coach tailors the skill so that it applies to their unique situation or current stressor.