What Are Your Response Times?

Uprise Digital Platform With Coaching:

Employees are linked with a coach as part of enrolling into a digital program and can engage in chat/email, phone or video sessions by the next business day. Part of our value as a digital service is that we can provide next day access to expert clinicians where employees can choose their coach based on their expertise and cultural background with Chinese, French and English speaking clinicians. 


Crisis management:

Uprise provides a crisis phone line. We will respond to the initial telephone call or page within 15 minutes. During the return call, an assessment of the situation is made and an appropriate course of action planned. When face-to-face counselling is required for a critical incident it should occur within two hours of the initial call out unless otherwise agreed beforehand. This applies to metropolitan areas only. In non-metropolitan areas, there will be a telephone debriefing session within two hours of the initial call and face-to-face counselling as soon as possible; and within 24 hours proceeding. The preferred option is for staff to have counselling prior to leaving the workplace, however, face-to-face counselling within two hours may be impractical. For example, the nature of the injury may be physical and it may be inappropriate to provide psychological debriefing at this point, or the incident may have occurred at a time of day that to hold staff back until the counsellor arrives may increase the stress experienced for staff rather than diminish it.

Jay Spence