Uprise Compared With Assure's Digital Offerings




Assessments & Reporting

Assesses resilience only.

Assesses wellbeing, stress, performance, absenteeism, presenteeism, engagement, turnover risk, team engagement, psychological capital with capacity to segment by business areas or roles.

Learning Modules

Information is presented by chatbot. Interactive but the chatbot can give nonsensical answers, leading to dropout. Chatbots have higher time burdens as users need to engage and actively type in order to get to the information they need. Some modules require users to read a lot of text.

Information is presented via video under 5 minutes duration to drive higher completion. Key information is presented without requiring the user to make effort. Interactive exercises are optional. Minimal text reading.

Mood Tracker

Mood tracking on emoticon scale which is relevant for a user but provides no meaningful data to the organisation.

Wellbeing checks use a World Health Organisation Wellbeing measure to provide an accurate snapshot of wellbeing levels broken down by business areas or location.

Risk management

No clear pathway about how employees on digital platform at risk of a current mental health issue are identified and contacted quickly

Multiple behaviours within the Uprise platform are used to assess risk (assessments, wellbeing checks, text entry, lack of response) and will trigger a callback from a clinician within 24 hours.


Self-service only. No guidance from a clinician.

All users on the platform are linked with a coach and choose between chat/email or phone support. Coaches provide support in applying the skills in Uprise digital programs, support to aid completion and triage to higher levels of support such as therapy when needed.

Jay Spence