Case Study: Healthcare Research & Manufacturing


Company Overview

The company manufactures medical equipment and operates both research and engineering as well as manufacturing operations in Australia for approximately 1,100 employees. 


The company was interested in providing an alternative to their employee counselling service due to low utilisation. The review committee came from a science background so required an evidence-based solution with the goal of providing early identification and support for employees at risk. Furthermore, the WHS team was interested in increased data around wellbeing and causes of stress across the organisation. 



Completion: 88%
Employees in high risk range for stress: 12% (pre) - 0% (post)
Employees in high risk range for a current mental health issue: 34% (pre) - 0% (post)

YEAR 2: 
Completion: 68%
Employees in high risk range for stress: 13% (pre) - 0% (post)
Employees in high risk range for a current mental health issue: 32% (pre) - 0% (post)


The WHS coordinator created a short presentation about Uprise that focused on two key features: the 1-minute Wellbeing Check to get a current snapshot of overall wellbeing levels; and the 4-week Uprise program, which he marketed as a 'Mental Fitness Bootcamp'. The presentation was given at manager meetings across the organisation and was eventually recorded and distributed to teams via email as well. At all-staff meetings he arranged for an Uprise participant to give a quick overview of her experience using Uprise. The employee outlined a major change that she'd been able to make with the assistance of the Uprise coach, which received a standing ovation from the audience.  


Maintaining Utilisation

The WHS leader created posters that highlighted Uprise as being about improving mental fitness for time-poor staff. Additionally, business cards were printed with a link to complete a 1-minute Wellbeing Check. New programs were advertised via email every few months. 




“This has been, by far, the most simple yet powerful program I've done. Don't let the simplicity fool you; if you're prepared to do some work, honest reflection and maintain the habits, you will get so much out of this program. Thank you for making this available”

“Uprise is a good place to begin your path to self awareness. It's a safe space to discuss and learn more about yourself and how to work through your self talk.”

“Uprise has helped me to tackle negative thinking, practice mindfulness, made me realise what I value most & helped me to achieve better focus & productivity at work. The coaching program offered really practical advice & kept me accountable.”

Jay Spence