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The Program


The Uprise program is a 4 week wellbeing coaching program which aims to help participants improve their mental fitness, deal with stress effectively and boost their overall wellbeing and happiness.

The program has three key elements:

1.      Wellbeing Check

Participants are required to complete a Pre and Post Wellbeing Check questionnaire to assess their level of wellbeing. This will help to track progress and focus their coaching sessions over the four weeks.

2.      Micro-lessons

Each week participants will be asked to complete a micro-lesson, consisting of watching a short video and completing activities online. The four focus areas include Mindset, Personal Values, Mindfulness and Stress Management.

 3.      1:1 coaching session with a licenced psychologist or counsellor

Participants will have a 30 minute coaching session per week, which can be done over the phone or via live chat (phone outcomes are better and phone bookings should be encouraged). Coaching sessions are where the coach will tailor the skills taught in the micro  apply the newly learnt micro skill to their life.


Engagement Guide

Pre Program - Engaging your team member

Initial conversation

Schedule a private 1:1 with the team member to discuss the opportunity.

Talking points

Please note the points below are not script so it is not intended to be read to the employee as such nor should it be forwarded to the employee as an email. The points below are merely to help guide you in your discussion.

·       Start with discussion in regards to how they are generally and build on previous conversations you have had with them in regards to wellbeing, sick leave, performance etc. You should start with expressing that you want to help them perform at their best and that is the context of the conversation.

·       Explain that we have identified them as a possible candidate for the Uprise program as <your company> would like to support them at work. 

·       The initial Uprise program 4 weeks and will involve them completing weekly activities online and having a one on one coaching session with a wellbeing coach from an external company, Uprise.  As such the coach is independent of <your company> and the discussions remain confidential unless you (the employee) want to disclose the plans formed with the coach.

·       This program is being offered because we value them as an employee that we would like to offer it to them as we think it will have many benefits and support them on their wellbeing journey.

·       If needed, provide them with the opportunity to think it over but set a deadline of no more than a couple of days for them to get back to you. The deadline is because there is expected to be a high level of participation and eagerness as to the program


Follow up email

Following the 1:1 you might like to send them a follow up email, providing these links to the Uprise website: and

Confirm participation and next steps

·     If they were unsure about participating at initial conversation, check in on the date as promised

·     If they agree to participate, help them to sign up using the following steps:
a) Goto:
b) Click on LOG IN
c) Click on Create New Account
d) Enter registration details and the code
e) Allow the employee about 5 minutes to complete the onboarding, wellbeing check and to choose a coach

·     If it's necessary to organise time for them to attend the coaching session or to find a meeting room, ask them to advise you once the coaching session has been booked.

(If appropriate) Confirm coaching session

·     If participant hasn’t already done so, confirm coaching session time and advise the scheduling team

·     Help them find a suitable private meeting room if needed.


(Optional) During the program – Supporting your team member

Participant check-ins – schedule fortnightly

Schedule private 1:1s with the team member fortnightly

Talking points

·        Discuss their program experience so far i.e what they learnt, found beneficial, how they feel

·        Ask them what they need from you to help support them throughout the program


(Optional) Post program – Supporting your team member with their ongoing journey

Participant post program check-in

Schedule a private 1:1s with the team member at the end of the program 

 Talking Points

·        Discuss their program experience i.e what they learnt, found beneficial, how they feel

·        Ask them what they need from you to help support them at work

·        Discuss a wellbeing goal which can be included as part of their planning

·        Discuss other company resources available to support them


Ongoing focus

·        Monitor sick leave and behaviours

·        Ensure you have regular wellbeing check ins and discuss progress of wellbeing goals



Why was I chosen to participate?

Employees who we feel with most benefit from this program have been offered a chance to participate. This was based on absenteeism, general wellbeing, performance.

Is the program mandatory?

The program is entirely voluntary however there are a number of benefits to skills you will gain to support you with your wellbeing.

Is the program confidential?

Yes, Uprise will not share your individual information with <your company>. Uprise combines data from all participants to create de-identified reports about overall average outcomes so your individual scores are never identifiable. We do encourage you let your People Leader know how you are going and if there is anything that they can do to support you on your wellbeing journey. Your People Leader will schedule 1:1 check ins throughout the program at the end to discuss this.

Can I have my coaching session during work hours?

<Response will depend on your company policy> 

Are other people participating?

Yes, other employees who we feel will most benefit from this program have been offered the chance to participate.

Do I have to have coaching sessions via phone?

We strongly encourage you to engage in coaching sessions via the phone as results are better from the phone version and this will ensure you get the most out of the program. However, you can also choose chat/email and arrange a time to do a live chat session with your coach. 

What happens on a coaching call or live chat session?
The coach will ask you about a situation that is currently stressful (either personal or work-related). They will then show you how to apply the skills to resolve the stress as much as possible. The coaching sessions aren’t therapy. They are to support you by tailoring the skills for your situation.

Do I have to have 4 coaching sessions?

We strongly encourage you to have 4 coaching sessions, to ensure you get the very most out of the program. Each week focused on a new topic and skill which you can learn and put into practice.

What happens if I want more than 4 coaching sessions?

<Response depends on your agreed contract with Uprise>

What happens at the end of the program?

Your People Leader will set up some time to catch up with you after the program to discuss your experience, any support you may need and how you can continue your wellbeing  journey including setting yourself some wellbeing goals.

 Supporting resources

·      Program Overview Page (for employees):
·      FAQ Page (for employees):

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