Overview Of Uprise Services


Uprise empowers employees to be less stressed and more productive using technology and a personal coach. We additionally provide traditional EAP services such as critical incident responding to provide comprehensive support for employees. Uprise is founded by researchers from the University of New South Wales and has a particular focus on evidence-based interventions that drive wellbeing and high performance.  


Proactive approach method

Traditional EAP services are based on a reactive model that requires that an employee know that they need support then reach out for help. Uprise is based on a proactive model called Stepped Care. Other EAPs have attempted to address proactive care by re-branding parts of their services as coaching; however, this model still relies on an employee recognising they have a problem and reaching out for help. Alternatively, Stepped Care is an evidence-based approach to proactive support that has been proven to improve early utilisation in the UK’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) research program for over seven years. To our knowledge Uprise is the only EAP that offers this proven approach to support.


Stepped Care

Stepped Care is a multimodal support framework that matches different types of support at the right time

1.     Early identification via wellness checks that require 1 minute to complete

2.     Triage into evidence-based digital programs available via app

3.     Linkage with clinicians who coach the person throughout the digital program

4.     Escalation to therapy for employees who require it most



Uprise is based on the research by founder Dr. Jay Spence identifying that individuals who are depressed or anxious are unlikely to reach out for support. Hence Uprise identifies employees via wellness checks then proactively reaches out to them (via phone, email and SMS campaigns) to enrol them into a suitable service such as a digital program with a coach or therapy.


Uprise Digital Programs

Uprise Digital Programs include the ‘Starting Skills’ program and the ‘Advanced Skills’ programs. The ‘Starting Skills’ program teaches universal psychological skills then the Uprise coach tailors the skills to manage specific items. This means that almost any specific need (family issues, frustration with a colleague, health issues) can be addressed through tailoring from the Uprise coach. For example: if an employee is trying to quit smoking then the Uprise Coach will cover thinking in week 1, behaviour in week 2, mindfulness in week 3 and stress management in week 4 in regard to smoking cessation. This approach is known as internet-delivered cognitive behavioural therapy is an evidence-based protocol supported by over 100 research studies. Following the ‘Starting Skills’ program, new skills are released as ‘Advanced Skills’ every 1-2 months to provide reasons for employees to continue to come back and use the Uprise platform.


Difference to competition

Other EAPs are beginning to offer digital programs and online resilience training. Uprise has conducted extensive research into the use of digital programs with and without guidance from a clinician (see these research papers by Uprise founder, Jay Spence) and identified that self-guided programs have very high dropout rates. Employee behaviour change and improvement likely only if they engage with and complete at least 3 weeks of these programs. Uprise has data showing that 64% of participants will complete at least 4 weeks of an Uprise program due to the inclusion of guidance from a clinician via phone and/or email based support. Furthermore, all Uprise digital programs are based on proven research protocols whereas other EAPs may be offering evidence-informed but untested programs.


Uprise Coaches

Uprise coaches are all registered psychologists or counsellors registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHPRA) and a peak professional body such as the Australian Psychological Society, the Australian Clinical Psychology Association or the Australian Counselling Association. The minimum qualifications/experience are a graduate diploma in psychology or counselling with a minimum 2 years’ experience. We call our clinicians ‘coaches’ as they have all been provided specific coaching training on delivering the evidence-based protocols used in Uprise.


Traditional EAP Services

Technology is our differentiator; however, Uprise also provides traditional EAP services such as critical incident responding, face to face therapy, crisis phone support and workshops.

Jay Spence