Early Adopters & How To Recruit Them

Uprise recommends recruiting some early adopters prior to launch who are willing to provide a testimonial. The testimonials are used a social proof in the launch collateral. You'll be able to improve utilisation the more early adopters and testimonials you can collect. We've found that testimonials from employees are the best way to increase trust and trust drives utilisation. Below is an email that you can send out to recruit early adopters who should ideally be from a cross-section of your business that represents each of the different major roles. Please make a note to follow up with your early adopters to collect the testimonials about 3 weeks after you send out the recruitment email below.

Goal: An example of early adopter comms used for a launch

Uprise launch presentation July 2018.jpg



Subject: Early Adopter Access to Uprise

Dear <employee names>,

We'd like you to take part in being early adopters for the Uprise program, which we are rolling out shortly at <company name>. Some information about Uprise is below. If you are interested in taking part then please let me know. We'd need you to provide a short testimonial about the program (which can be anonymous if you prefer) that we can use in the launch collateral for the rollout. If you're interested in taking part then please let me know. To get started, click on this link and use the code <uprise company code>. 

<Your name>


What is Uprise?

Uprise trains people to be happier, less stressed and more engaged using technology and a personal coach. 


You might know how to look after your physical fitness. Do you know the skills to improve your mental fitness? Uprise teaches 4 skills in 4 weeks via 4 minute videos. Plus you'll get your own dedicated coach who is a licenced psychologist or counsellor to tailor the skills. Learn to manage stress effectively for any current life situation. 

what's involved?

1. Create an account at this page using the code supplied by your employer
2. Watch a 4-min video each week about an evidence-based skill
3. Get tailored support on using the skill from your coach (choose between chat/email support or phone)
4. Complete measurements at baseline and one-month to track your progress


Uprise doesn't share your individual information with your employer. Uprise combines data from all users to create reports about overall average outcomes so your individual scores are never identifiable.


“Amazingly effective and powerful both intellectually and emotionally for such a small time commitment.”

“My working career consists of +36 years would have been significantly more stress free had I been provided the tools that the Uprise program provides.”

“Uprise gives you the tools to not only think outside, but to step outside the box and take a genuine view of your workplace and personal life.”


Please visit https://uprise.co/programoverview for more information about the program.



Jay Spence