Are Uprise Programs Evidence-based?

Uprise was developed by founder, Dr. Jay Spence, who completed his PhD on online treatments for mental health. Dr. Spence has over 14 published studies on the Uprise protocol used with a wide variety of demographics. See publications here

Uprise is based on two main evidence-based methodologies. Firstly, Uprise overall approach to increase utilisation is based on Stepped Care. This is an evidence based approach where participants are first provided with support that has minimal time and effort requirements such as participation in a wellbeing check or digital program. Participants are then triaged into coaching, treatment or crisis management streams based on their needs. Stepped Care ensures that well employees are supported from a strengths and positive psychology approach while employees with a mental health issue receive a gold-standard treatment.

Secondly, all Uprise digital programs and the associated coaching protocols are based on evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) or mindfulness (ACT) protocols. Our digital programs are known as internet-delivered CBT (iCBT) or computer-assisted CBT (cCBT) or sometimes more broadly as eHealth interventions as we include mindfulness as well as CBT. A plain language summary on the effectivness of cCBT can be accessed here.

Jay Spence