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Self-guided mental fitness training

UpSkill is a digital mental fitness program that you can complete online or via app. When it comes to improving mental fitness most people do some exercise, spend time with friends or relax using things like movies. However, using these is like working out with 250g weights at the gym. We reviewed all of the different skills for improving mental health and the top skills according to the evidence are in the UpSkill program.

Coach-guided mental fitness training

Want a dedicated coach to work on a specific issue, whether in your personal or work life? Uprise can link you up with a licenced psychologist or counsellor trained in coaching. Sign up for Upskill below and select phone coaching for 30 min sessions. You’ll boost your confidence and learn some great skills from the Upskill program. We also recommend that you contact your coach when you’re starting to feel stressed.

Therapy via Phone, Video or In-person

Our therapists are all licenced psychologists, clinical psychologists or counsellors. We have over 150 clinicians in our network, many of whom have areas of specialised experience or training. Therapy sessions go for 50 minutes to 1 hour and can be arranged via phone or video call usually by the next business day. In-person session availability depends on your location. Please complete the form below and we will respond asap.

Legal Support

Book a phone consultation with a lawyer and get legal advice. The initial session is completely free and subsequent sessions can be approved by your company if needed.

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