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Uprise is a digital-first Employee Assistance Program that works with your organisation proactively to support employee health.


Not your traditional Employee Assistance Program Provider


Support your employees in the critical time before they are in crisis. Our digital support is fast, easy to access and tailored to different levels of wellbeing. The programs builds up resilience and self-care skills.

Research Based

Give your employees the most effective, best practice tools to manage stress. Designed by Uprise founder, Dr Jay Spence, our interventions have been evaluated in over 14 published research papers.

Outcome Focused

Address the specific wellbeing needs and causes of stress at your company. We report, every quarter, on effectiveness measures like changes in wellbeing, engagement and risk for mental illness over time.

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Our Solution is Known as Stepped Care

STEP 1: Early Assessments

To make checking in on wellbeing a part of your workplace culture. Every month, employees are encouraged to check in with a 1 minute assessment and offered tips to managing a particular stressor.

STEP 2: Skills Development

Uprise access includes a suite of interactive exercises and videos that teach employees the top best practice skills for resilience and preventing the buildup of stress. Starting Skills include Mindset, Personal Values, Mindfulness and Stress Management. There are more Advanced modules to teach anything from Supporting Others to Improving Sleep.

STEP 3: Coaching and Support

Unlike other Employee Assistance Programs, Uprise offers all employees a personal phone, chat or video coach that can help them to personalise the skills they learn. These can be accessed in or outside of working hours and offer fast and highly accessible support.

STEP 4: Therapy

For employees who require additional assistance, Uprise has a nationwide network of local healthcare providers to offer discrete and accessible face-to-face support.

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