More than an Employee Assistance Program

Make wellbeing support more than just reacting to a crisis.

Uprise provides you with more meaningful information than just utilisation rates

Our outcomes reports help you to understand your workforce, because they are informed by evidence-based approaches that have been evaluated in 14 published studies. The outcomes from our digital programs are sustained for up to 3 months on wellbeing, employee engagement, performance, and stress.

Product Overview

Modern Employee Assistance

Traditional face-to-face or video option for counselling with modern and easy to use online booking system. Additional manager support and webinars for launch, support and refresh. 24/7 phone or critical incident support for workplace incidents and employees in crisis.

Assess and Alert System

Unlike any other EAP, we proactively manage risk quickly and consistently. Our psychologists make risk assessment calls to any employee identified as high risk, within 24 hours of assessment.

Personalised Training and Coaching

On-demand resilience training and phone coaching where employees learn a toolkit of research-backed skills for improving emotional health. Coaching offers support for ‘day-to-day’ life or work issues for employees that don’t want therapy.

Manager Training

Mental Health Training for Managers on how to develop a culture that prioritises wellbeing at work. Learn the skills to start a conversation, recognise signs that someone is struggling, listen reflectively and manage crisis situations.

Data and Analytics

Comprehensive reporting each quarter on risk for stress and turnover, psychological safety, engagement and productivity. Unique insights into the primary causes of stress that impact employee productivity to assist in your strategic wellbeing planning.

Add Uprise to your Workplace Wellbeing Initiatives

Uprise EAP services can even add on to your existing EAP using our risk alert and referral system.

Uprise is an international Employee Assistance Program

Uprise provides phone and video-based services in all time zones internationally with clinicians based in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. Our clinicians provide services in English, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French.

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