Request Crisis Response Team


If this is an emergency, do one of the following:

Call 000 if you require ambulance, fire or police services.

Call 131 114 (Lifeline) if you or someone else requires urgent counselling or suicide support.

Call (03) 9205 9488 if you have a critical incident or a crisis at your workplace and you need immediate support.

  • This number will connect to an Uprise partner company called TCA. TCA specialise in rapid response for urgent issues.

  • The TCA call centre operator will ask you about the incident and arrange a qualified trauma counsellor to call you back with a plan within 15 minutes.

  • Support might include:

    • Sending a specialist trauma counsellor to your office (within 1-3 hrs in a capital city but longer for regional areas)

    • Arranging counsellors for your team via phone or video.

    • Other support options are available as well.

  • Please state that your company’s EAP is Uprise and please note that you'll need the authorised HR or WHS officer to make the report with you if possible. (The HR/WHS officer needs to authorise services where a trauma counsellor needs to travel to your office).

  • Please call Uprise on 1300 209 371 and we will coordinate additional support to that provided by TCA

  • TCA’s website is: