Uprise Employee Assistance Program

COVID-19 EAP Support

A recent review in the Lancet about the effects of social isolation and quarantine from COVID-19 warn of traumatic stress, anger and confusion.

This package is for companies wanting to partner with Uprise as an EAP provider to create a proactive wellbeing response for their employees. Launch in just 30 minutes.

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COVID-19 Health Anxiety Support

Health Anxiety Digital Program

Coronavirus anxiety is a form of health anxiety, for which effective treatments are already available. Uprise has created a program on dealing with uncertainty and diagnosis of friends or family.

Coronavirus Q&A Service

Uprise psychologists will be available to answer questions on how to deal with coronavirus anxiety, social isolation, loneliness and the stress of chronic uncertainty and higher workloads.

Webinar for Remote Workers

Clients will have access to webinars on dealing with the stress around coronavirus, adjusting to working from home and dealing with isolation and loneliness. There be advice for diagnosis concerns.

Remote Worker Wellbeing Check Tool


Employees complete 1-min wellbeing check

The Wellbeing Check encourages employees to consider their mental health during this uncertain time. It is quick and delivered by app or web using a unique link for your company. Employees receive immediate feedback about their wellbeing as well as recommendations on what to do.


At-risk employees called within 24 hours

Employees at-risk of a current mental illness are called within 24 hours for check-in and assessment. These employees are case managed and referred to appropriate services including telehealth counselling or telehealth medical services


Low-risk employees referred to proactive resources

Employees whose scores show they are non-critical have access to digital mental health courses, including Health Anxiety COVID-19 content. These employees can proactively improve their mindset by learning skills to better deal with stress.



Use our wellbeing check tool to check in on all employees working from home and provide rapid response before problems occur.


Any employees identified as high risk for a mental health concern are called within 24 hours and referred.


Coronavirus anxiety can lead to reduced performance and team cohesion. Support your employees confidentially and meaningfully.

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