Case Study: Water Treatment & Chemical Processing (100 employees)

Uprise has been getting 6 times more utilisation than other EAPs that I’ve worked with. It’s really refreshing to see the uptake for the online programs
— Raeleen Beavis (HRD, Solenis Australia)

Company Overview

Solenis is a specialty chemical company and provider of process and water solutions. The Australian division covers 100 employees who are distributed throughout Australia, many working in fully remote roles in consulting, sales and logistics roles.


Solenis' previous Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) was underutilised, with uptake around 3-4%. As such, the business case for engaging Uprise was to increase utilisation. They needed a solution that could improve access for all employees rather than favouring those in head offices and excluding remote employees. Furthermore, they needed a service that would be used by their mostly male workforce in order for it to be cost effective.



Utilisation by males: 53%
Utilisation overall: 24%
Employees at-risk post-program: 0%
Employees in high stress range post-program: 0%
Estimated cost savings from turnover prevented: $18,750 per month
Improvement in employee engagement: 35%
Improvement in subjective work performance: 12%


Prior to launch, Uprise provided digital collateral to educate employees about our services. Uprise was promoted as a digital mental fitness bootcamp that all employees could use in order to position it away from traditional EAP and de-stigmatise the program. The company scheduled an Uprise speaker into an all-staff video call for the launch where the digital programs were explained along with coaching and confidentiality. Following the launch, Uprise provided further digital collateral for recruitment, resulting in 24% of the organisation registering on the Uprise platform. As a follow up, Uprise provided a webinar for company managers to highlight how Uprise can be used to improve team effectiveness and training on how to refer a team member.

Maintaining Utilisation

Solenis employees are prompted to complete a monthly 1-minute wellbeing check via the Uprise platform and Uprise staff follow up to onboard any employees with moderate or low wellbeing, which has further increased utilisation over time.



“Short and easy to navigate with some very useful ideas and tools”

“Great program with easy to follow content and excellent coaches who make it relevant to your situation”

“Great advice from (my coach), I feel more calm and relaxed at work. Well worthwhile”

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