Case Study: Property Management & Construction (>10,000 employees)

“I can recommend Uprise from our experience of implementation. Supporting our employees with proactive wellness approaches is a high priority across the business. Uprise is playing a key part in this by delivering measurable results via their platform. This is a great service for companies looking to provide preventative wellness at scale.”
— Global Head Of Human Resources

Company Overview

The company offers development management; investment management; project management & construction and asset & property management.

Its expertise covers multiple sectors including commercial, residential, retail, retirement and infrastructure.


A global health assessment of the organisation in 2013 showed that 16 percent of employees were at high risk of developing depression and approximately 9 percent experienced stress related to work. The company’s search for a proactive scalable wellness offering led them to Uprise. The company's EAP continued to provide crisis services and Uprise was used to engage employees who didn't identify as having a 'problem' that needed therapy but who were nonetheless stressed.



High Risk Category: 33% (pre) to 11% (week 4)
Severe Stress Range: 26% (pre) to 0% (week 4)
High or Very High Turnover Risk: 12% (pre) to 7% (week 4)
Sleep Quality: 4.6 (pre) to 7.2 (week 4)
ROI (Presenteeism): 1.1 day of work per week saved


The company's wellness team initially offered Uprise to the company’s mental health first aid advocates. These employees are in core operations of the business are also trained to lead the response if someone shows signs of anxiety, depression or substance use or has a panic attack. The advocates spread the program through word of mouth. Finally, Uprise was placed on the internal employee portal and promoted through email and message boards.


Maintaining Utilisation

Uprise collateral was provided at different stages of the employee experience: as part of onboarding, promotion and to assist with restructuring and retirement. Uprise information was provided as part of training for Mental Health First Aiders. Posters were created for remote sites including QR codes for signup. Digital collateral on physical, mental and financial fitness was created for monthly release by calendar. Uprise delivered in person workshop presentations to key leaders.



“Retraining thinking and mindfulness have been stand out modules. I genuinely feel an increased ability to control thoughts, minimise stress and engage with more focus at work and in my personal life.”d tools”

“Uprise is the most practical and personalised wellbeing program I’ve ever come across. The mixture of building skills to support mental resilience with 1-on-1 coaching to apply those in your specific situation is a fantastic support for behaviour change.”

“I think the best part of the course is being able to speak to your coach each week. The coach is able to tie everything together and make the modules relevant and workable for you.”

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