Case Study: Call Centre Pilot (<10 employees)


Company Overview

The company offers a range of general insurance products including for commercial, lifestyle and business.


The company was interested in a scalable mental health solution, leading them to first pilot Uprise in 2017 as a small trial within its call centre. A number of employees reported lack of job control as a cause of stress, a key predictor for their performance and turnover risk. Due to the nature of call centre work, these employees experience lower levels of engagement and are more likely to be experiencing high distress. Did the company already have an EAP.



High Risk Category: 25% (pre) to 0% (week 4)
Severe or Moderate Stress Range: 75% (pre) to 25% Moderate, 0% Severe (week 4)
Improvement in subjective work performance: 21% Improvement in productivity: 2.3 days per week


The company initially offered Uprise to its call centre as a small pilot trial of the program. Although it was a small sample, 1 in 4 employees were likely to be experiencing current depression or high distress. For one employee, the Uprise program meant they were able to remain with the company as a result.

The experiences of these employees with the Uprise program encouraged company-wide roll-out via x, y, z. Finally, Uprise was promoted through email etc. - not sure what roll out involved.



The program successfully retained one employee that was at risk for turnover. Upon completion of the program, 100% of users reported they would recommend Uprise to a friend and valued the coaching calls to practice the skills.

Uprise collateral was provided at different stages of the employee experience: as part of onboarding, promotion and to assist with restructuring and retirement. Uprise information was provided as part of training for Mental Health First Aiders. Posters were created for remote sites including QR codes for signup. Digital collateral on physical, mental and financial fitness was created for monthly release by calendar. Uprise delivered in person workshop presentations to key leaders.



“Everything has been good. Retraining thinking module was particularly helpful in helping change my perspective about things at work and personally”

“The program was so helpful. Through the program I have gained skills to help better manage stress, and just be more optimistic in general.”

“… it's been really useful to be able to talk about issues with someone and I've found it's helped with my personal wellbeing in terms of feeling better about myself”

Jay Spence