Deploy Uprise to Business Areas That Need it Most

New Grads

New graduates experience high levels of stress in their first year and are less likely to reach out for support. Female grads are at higher risk of dropping out in some industries. Preserve age and gender diversity by using Uprise to support new grads and stop them from leaving due to stress and lack of support.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

Priorities are often drastically altered for new parents and their time away from work can make it difficult to adjust easily to returning. Uprise can assist mothers and fathers returning to work to deal with changing expectations about their capacities and priorities as well as partner support, flexible working and staying connected at work.

Recently Promoted Leaders

Team leaders are often promoted for having great technical skills. Stress levels become high as they adjust to build the people skills to manage their team and balance their new workloads. Uprise can support recently promoted leaders and teach them the skills for self-support as they learn to support others.

High Absenteeism/Turnover Areas

Some business areas, such as front line, customer-facing roles are susceptible to absenteeism and turnover due to stress. Uprise has been deployed successfully to areas such as call centres, tellers, prison workers and emergency service personnel to teach key skills to manage high stress roles and reduce financial losses from absenteeism and turnover.

Change Management/Restructures

Uprise has been used successfully to support businesses going through restructures or changes such as agile, location moves, hotdesking and flexible working. Uprise supports employees to manage uncertainty and cope effectively with change.