Why Small Businesses Need an EAP

In small businesses, reduced performance and output can rapidly harm an organisation’s bottom line. In a small team or workplace, negativity can spread quickly and there are far greater implications when employees take extended leave. Employers in small businesses should offer a high-quality employee assistance program (EAP) services to protect and support both the employer and employees.

Why an Employee Assistance Program?

An EAP is a workplace service offering confidential EAP counselling services to employees for personal and job-related issues. From an employer’s viewpoint, the main advantage of providing an EAP is to prevent individual issues from negatively impacting the workplace and affecting job performance. For small businesses in particular, each employee often manages several responsibilities with modest support. The risk of burnout and stress in these small teams has far greater consequences making stress management skills vital.

“For small businesses in particular, each employee often manages several responsibilities with modest support.”

An EAP provider like Uprise, supports employees with both personal and work-related issues that may be affecting their performance or efficiency. Uprise is an accredited EAP provider, and is comprised of digital programs, wellbeing checks and live coaching calls that teach employees the skills to effectively manage stress.

Cost Savings

For employees, EAP services are “free of charge”, where the employer offers mental health support for evaluation, counselling and case management. Small businesses can make use of usage-based investment, where employers pay per use to keep the cost of an EAP low. This allows smaller businesses to ensure their employees are appropriately supported, without paying large fees if utilisation of the EAP program is low.

The rewards for investing in employee mental health are quickly returned financially and socially in the workplace. By providing employee support before employees experience more severe mental health issues, employers can save in the potential hidden costs to productivity, absenteeism and turnover. Small businesses that opt for a high quality EAP will reap return on investment not only in reducing mental health claims, but in reducing turnover and improving the productivity and engagement of their teams.

Uprise is a preventative employee assistance program (EAP) provider that improves employee engagement, retention and performance by enhancing psychological wellbeing. Learn more about how our program solves employee stress.

EAPCharlotte OwenEAP, SME