Why Early Intervention is Vital for Workplace Safety

In most organisations, poor mental health is one of the main causes of long-term absence in the workplace. Between 2010-11 and 2014-15, Safe Work Australia found that around 91% of workers compensation claims involved psychological injuries linked to work-related stress. With work pressure found as the most common stressor in the workplace, organisations must account for and reconcile their impact on the health and wellbeing of their staff.

To prevent the development or worsening of a work-related mental health condition, early intervention is critical as well as cost-effective. Some employee assistance programs (EAP) follow an early intervention model, in order to automate and quicken the support process for employees. The sooner an employee experiencing excessive stress is identified and supported, the easier and faster they can be protected against further mental injury.

What does an early intervention EAP look like?

Traditional EAP models are reactive, only offering face-to-face counselling support after an employee has experienced a significant degree of mental stress. This model offers legally required levels of support, but treatment often takes longer and is costlier due to the extent of stress reached before employees typically reach out for help.

An early intervention EAP like Uprise, offers preventative and pro-active support before employees reach a crisis point. It provides employees with immediate access to resources that train them in various mental resilience and stress management techniques. Early intervention focuses on building a strong foundation of mental health strategies in staff while they are well. This is so that when they do experience excessive stress they are better equipped to either manage it or know exactly where to reach out for help.

What are the benefits of an early intervention EAP?

The main benefit of an early intervention EAP is that employees both recognise and resolve personal or workplace issues, before they impinge on other areas of their life.  These skills not only reduce stress, but also improve productivity and engagement in the workplace. However, the benefits also cover wider organisational goals:-

Cost reduction

Waiting until a mental health issue is more serious increases the amount of time and money required for treatment. An early intervention EAP like Uprise, measures the wellbeing of all staff, not just those experiencing excessive stress, in order to identify the level of support each individual employee requires. This ranges from skills-based training to coaching and therapy. As a result, employees across the wellbeing spectrum receive cost-effective and flexible stress management training before they experience a mental injury and allows the escalation of support for staff who require it.

Improved workplace resilience to change

In the workplace, change is a common workplace stressor that can increase pressure and the risk of turnover with staff. When employees are offered support to deal with work-related or personal stressors through an early intervention EAP, they are more likely to feel supported by their managers and company. As a result, they can navigate through insecurities and are more resilient to change. Uprise found that teaching well employees skills like Mindfulness and Mindset, improved how they perceived support from both their manager and company after just 4 weeks.

Healthy and supportive workplace culture

An early intervention EAP generates greater perceived support from managers, improved stress management techniques and higher engagement for employees. This sets a trajectory towards building and maintaining a healthier and more supportive workplace culture. By investing in the mental health of all staff through an EAP, employers can lead by example in the value of workplace wellbeing and safety.


Uprise measures a range of wellbeing indicators before and after completing 4 weeks of the Uprise program. Scores are measured out of 100, with the average improvement after just 4 weeks of the program listed below:-

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Uprise is a preventative employee assistance program (EAP) provider that improves employee engagement, retention and performance by enhancing psychological wellbeing. Learn more about how our program solves employee stress.

Charlotte Owen