The Future Of Wellbeing Technology at Work

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Uprise founder, Dr Jay Spence, recently presented at the WayAhead Workplaces group on the future of workplace wellbeing. Here are the key messages and you can download the slides here. 

Uprise is a digital employee assistance program that provides employee training to boost psychological wellbeing.

8 Factors that Impact Wellbeing: 

Research shows that enhancing these factors have the highest impact on improving wellbeing of employees. However, the real question is how do you modify them...

Your levers:

This slide shows a list of different factors that can improve wellbeing (on the right hand side). They are broadly grouped into individual interventions (such as resilience training), group factors (such as teamwork training), leadership (manager training to support others), and organisational factors (such as changing policies). The key message is that there is no factor that is better than any other according to research. You can start anywhere and a combination actually works best. 

Pros of technology:

This slide shows the different aspects of evidence based work theory that technology is enabling. The take away is that technology helps companies to stick to best practice and create big data sets that enable decision making.

Cons of technology:

This is a list of the main factors to bear in mind where technology could cause problems without proper planning. 

Wellbeing Platforms:

or wellbeing portals are the equivalent of an app store for corporate health. Some offer an alternative to a traditional EAP but most are lacking in core EAP functions like critical incident responding.


This slide shows how a provider like Uprise slots into a wellbeing platform where an individual completes a wellness check then is triaged into Uprise via the platform. 

Future of Platforms: 

This is a screenshot but you can see the full file of an ecommerce chat bot by clicking here. There is increasing use of chatbots and AI that will make these an attractive prospect in the coming years.

Future Of Wearables:

Wearables are tipped to continue to grow and employees are willing to share data with employers and insurers for incentives. 

The Future of Apps:

The trend here is towards regulation and clinical proof that wellness apps are effective. Only apps with larger budgets will survive as they will be the only ones that can do the trials to pass the tests. The FDA in the US has just commenced this program this year and it will likely be in Australia soon.

The Future of Hardware:

The Internet of Things (IOT) in the commercial space will start to appear with workplace options, such as remote monitoring. This is a watch and wait sector as it's too early to tell what will work yet. 

Implementation and Rollout Tips:

Some ideas about implementation on this slide but they key one being that research is showing that involvement from leadership is the evidence-based approach to rollout. 


Workplace wellbeing technology has early promising evidence that it is effective. Artificial intelligence will drive progress. It's my opinion that it's worth starting small pilots to test what works at your company as Wellbeing Tech is likely to be a key factor in great places to work. 

Wellbeing Fitness Instructors:

Just a bit of fun. The screenshot is of a full video of a new fitness instructor you might see in your company gym soon

Uprise is a preventative employee assistance program (EAP) provider that improves employee engagement, retention and performance by enhancing psychological wellbeing. Learn more about how our program solves employee stress. 

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