Mental Health at Work Initiative by NSW Government

Many employees in Australia are suffering from stress, with 74% of Australians reporting stress stems from work. Stress has far reaching implications for the health, wellbeing and quality of life of employees. It also hurts businesses in terms of worsening productivity, absenteeism and increasing the risk of turnover.

Concerned at the growing number of employees suffering from poor mental health, the New South Wales Government has developed a Mental Health at Work Initiative to make workplaces safer and healthier places for employees. The NSW Government is investing $55 million into the freely available programs, their biggest ever investment to date for improving Australian mental health in the workplace.

As part of its program, the government is providing free expert Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) advice and free in person manager training to support workplaces interested in improving employee wellbeing. Businesses are also able to take a mental health capability check which helps to identify the businesses capability to provide a mentally healthy workplace as per the mentally healthy workplaces benchmarking tool (BMT). This tool does not assess or provide comment on a business’s compliance with legislation or compliance standards. Instead it gives information and recommendations on how to create a mentally healthy, safe and productive working environment. 

The Government is partnering with workplace mental health experts, advocates and strategy partners SafeWork NSW and iCare to provide high quality assistance.

These programs will be offered in Sydney Metro and in Gosford and Wyong on the NSW Central Coast to medium sized businesses associated with fields like professional, scientific and technical services, information media/telecommunications, transportation, postal, warehousing and manufacturing. The programs will be extended to regional areas in 2019.

The NSW Government is inviting feedback from the New South Wales Community, redefining the way it is engaging with its stakeholders and sharing publications with people, to improve knowledge on workplace safety, injury management and return to work.

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