EAP Takes the Pressure off Line Managers

In most countries, workplace related stress is growing rapidly. New figures from the Health and Safety Executive found that work-related stress and mental illness now account for over half of workplace absences. It’s important for line managers to recognise and manage employee mental health, as they are often an employees first point of call.

However, recent reports have found only 17% of managers feel confident in supporting employees with mental health issues. Furthermore, it has been revealed that a greater proportion of managers never receive the training required to identify mental health issues.

Employee Assistance Program

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) like Uprise contributes to line manager success in dealing with work-related stress. Uprise has the capacity to automate the mental health awareness and support aspect of a line managers’ job by checking in and supporting employees before they reach a mental health crisis point.

Regular Check-Ins

Line managers should regularly check in on the wellbeing of individual employees in their team, to ensure they are coping with workplace or life stressors. This task may be difficult and time consuming for line managers or uncomfortable in certain situations.

Uprise uses an on-demand digital app to administer wellbeing check-ups each month. These check-ups ask employees 6 questions based on a World Health Organisation scale to quickly and accurately measures wellbeing as a score out of 100 based on mood, energy and engagement. This score is relative to the population and allows employees to track how their wellbeing changes over time.

Personalised Support

In the case of an employee experiencing a decline in their wellbeing or an increase in stress, line managers should be able to quickly identify any issues and support them. However, without the appropriate mental health awareness training, many line managers may feel under-qualified or uncertain about how to best support an individual employee.

Based on the individuals wellbeing score, Uprise uses Stepped Care to determine the appropriate level of support for that employee. Employees will receive recommendations to improve their wellbeing score ranging from digital programs that teach skills for mental resilience to phone coaching or therapy. Phone coaching is administered by a professional clinician to personalise the skills employees learn and provide consistent, tailored support while employees complete the program.


While workplaces take measures to address employee mental health and mental illness, there are concerns surrounding confidentiality for both line managers and employees. Employees may prefer a more discrete way of seeking support and may prefer to keep any mental health conditions private.

Employee Assistance Programs like Uprise offer a confidential platform that provides both phone, chat and email support to employees. Wellbeing reports provided to employers are de-identified to maintain complete privacy for all employees utilising the program.

Uprise is a preventative employee assistance program (EAP) provider that improves employee engagement, retention and performance by enhancing psychological wellbeing. Learn more about how our program solves employee stress.