5 Features of the Most Successful EAP Providers and Programs

Increased levels of stress at work have been responsible for affecting health, wellbeing and work performance of employees. Stress can not only affect employees’ focus at work, lower their engagement and productivity, but it also can also bring various losses to employing organisations in terms of increased absenteeism and turnover, more spending on health and reduced return on investment.

To counter the negative impact of stress on workers’ health and wellbeing and to provide them a happy, healthy and fulfilling work environment, psychologists and wellness experts have devised some solutions in the form of employee assistance programs or EAPs. There are a variety of employee assistance programs available which are offered by different EAP providers. These vary in terms of their content, approach, utilisation, professionalism and pricing options.

Before you opt for a particular employee assistance program for your employees among the programs on offer, you should evaluate it for its suitability and effectiveness. It must have certain important qualities that are a part of top employee assistance programs which are proven to work and deliver the desired benefits.

Here are the essential qualities of effective employee assistance programs:

1.   They are highly accessible

Workers having a busy schedule do not have enough time to visit psychologists or wellness experts for a counselling session. They need help and support at their workplace itself. Outstanding employee assistance programs are formulated in such a way that these can be accessed easily and quickly by the workers through email or phone calls at their workplace.

In these programs, psychologists and wellness experts share with the workers useful techniques and exercises like mindfulness, which they can implement in their workplace for alleviating their stress and for improving their mental health and wellbeing.    


2.   They offer different solutions as per the specific needs of employees

Every employee is different in terms of mindset, job responsibilities, position in the job hierarchy and sources and level of stress. Providing the same solution to every employee will not help them. In view of this, top employee assistance program providers tailor their programs as per the unique needs of workers and the kind of problems they face at work.

Uprise utilises Stepped Care in order to provide personalised recommendations to support employees based on their wellbeing. This may involve digital programs, phone coaching or therapy.

3.   They are based on research

The employee assistance programs offered by leading providers are based on extensive scientific research oriented studies. These are carried out by knowledgeable psychologists associated with the leading employee assistance program providers. Such studies minutely analyse work-related behaviour of employees and monitor various problems faced by them at work. Being backed by research, the programs are known to be effective and beneficial to employees. 

4.   They promote a healthy, happy and satisfying work environment

Exceptional employee assistance programs not only promote mental health and psychological wellbeing of individual workers, but also help in creating a healthy, happy and fulfilling work environment. Employees become more engaged at work and experience increased job satisfaction and their productivity is also enhanced. This in turn benefits organisations in terms of reduced employee absenteeism and turnover, less spending on employee health and increased worker retention and ROI.


5.   They conduct regular health screenings

While executing employee assistance programs, psychologists and other related health practitioners subject workers to regular mental fitness checks. This helps to assess their current health status. So any grave health concerns faced by the workers can be identified early and remedies can be offered to them.

Uprise is a preventative employee assistance program (EAP) provider that improves employee engagement, retention and performance by enhancing psychological wellbeing. Learn more about how our program solves employee stress.