3 things to consider before renewing your EAP

In an organisation, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is offered to provide employees with support to deal with life or work-related stressors. An EAP often involves face-to-face counselling for employees struggling with a mental health issue.

As many EAPs renew in December, it’s important to consider whether the program is meeting the specific needs of staff and management. A wide range of newer more proactive employee assistance programs like Uprise offer greater utilisation, use of technology and quarterly outcomes reporting.


Is your program only used by employees that are currently experiencing a mental illness?

Traditional EAPs offer face-to-face counselling for employees who have sought out support after they have experienced a significant degree of mental stress or injury. This typically keeps utilisation of traditional EAP at around 3-4%.

Newer EAPs like Uprise use digital programs and flexible phone or chat coaching to improve the accessibility of programs for employees. As a result, company-wide utilisation of Uprise is maintained at up to 17%, on average. This allows companies to provide proactive skills-based support for all levels of wellbeing.


Is your program using the latest technology to meet the needs of staff?

With recent developments in technology and the popularity of smartphones, employees have increasingly higher expectations for automation and flexibility. Companies investing in an EAP may decide to select a program that utilises the newest in technology to meet the needs and expectations of staff.

The Uprise program is offered via a digital app available on mobile or desktop as well as flexible phone or chat coaching. By using technology, the program is made readily accessible to all staff before they have experienced excessive stress. Additionally, the digital programs allow remote staff to access support at their convenience, an at risk group commonly neglected by traditional EAP.


Is your program producing the desired results?

Traditional EAP reports yearly on the utilisation rate of their face-to-face counselling programs. This provides minimal actionable insights into the wellbeing needs of staff. Additionally, it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of programs.

Uprise provides quarterly reports, on a range of wellbeing metrics. The de-identified report offers insight into the wellbeing needs of your employees by identifying the specific workplace stressors that are negatively impacting their mental health. As the programs are digital with frequent wellbeing and stress measurements, employers can see the effectiveness of modules in reducing stress.

Uprise is a preventative employee assistance program (EAP) provider that improves employee engagement, retention and performance by enhancing psychological wellbeing. Learn more about how our program solves employee stress.