Can work make you mentally ill?

Original article:

What was the study about?

The authors reviewed all of the existing research on work factors that cause people to experience anxiety or depression.

What did they find?

They found that these factors lead to anxiety and depression:

  • High Job Demands like “increased workload or time pressure"

  • Low Job Control or "minimal decision-making" for their role and tasks

  • Role Stress: like "role ambiguity" when a worker is not given clear information about what their role/responsibilities are, or "role conflict"  when two or more of the worker's roles/responsibilities are in opposition

  • Bullying & Low Social Support:  when undesired or harmful actions are persistently committed against an employee  for an extended period of time

  • High-effort-reward imbalance: when employees don’t believe that they are being appropriately recognised or remunerated for their work

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